I am a dreamist and my art form is dreamism.  I draw while in a lucid dream state.

I create real-time dream images using yoga dreaming, parasomnia motion and seeing-drawing techniques.  Specially designed tools are employed to enter various dream states and enable me to draw while consciously dreaming.  The resulting thumbnail size graphite drawings are enlarged onto fine art paper or canvas in ink and/or acrylics and also reproduced as limited edition giclees on fine art paper or canvas.  I call these dream works "dreamoids".

There are four generations of dreamoids: 1st generation works emanate from my regular dreams (reality/fantasy), 2nd generation works from dreams of clarity (symbolic/archetypal), 3rd generation from clear light dreams (primordial essence/is-ness) and 4th generation dreamoids consist of much larger works in b/w  & color and depict detailed dream scenes, montages and fragments of dreams. 

The goal of my inner space explorations is to produce accurate real-time images of the various realms of the non-physical universe, while shedding light on our true nature - the original face we had before we were born.  I liken this to taking a line for a dreamwalk - an en plein air of the dreamscape or more appropriately "en plein reve".